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Greetings from the president


I created these hostels to be a comfortable place for temporary rest.

president:Eunhye Noh Hello, I am Eunhye Noh, the president. I was born in Korea and 10 years have already passed since I came to Japan. When I came to Japan for the first time as an international student, the first thing I was surprised at was the high prices in Japan. I would have liked to have had various experiences in Japan as much as possible because Japan has a wonderful culture and beautiful scenery of all four seasons. However, I remember it did not go as I expected, since I was still a student. Recently it is said that the world has become smaller thanks to the Internet, but it is totally different from the actual experience. It is clear from my own experience that it is unfortunate for us to learn about each other’s countries only through national education and misunderstand them, like the relationships between Japan and China or Japan and Korea. I think now is the time for young people of the world to look with their own eyes, hear with their own ears, breathe the local air, come into contact with local people, and judge things by thinking for themselves. Recently many young people visit Japan from all over the world. I wanted to create a system to support such curious and pure people as much as I could, and so I opened 1 night 1980 hostel Tokyo. To make it come true, many people, regardless of their nationality, have supported me with good intentions. I deeply appreciate it and wish to be helpful for grassroots diplomacy in some small way. About the accommodation facilities, I eliminated many things as much as possible and made our hostel where you can stay at a very low price. At the same time, however, I produced an environment where travelers from abroad can rest temporarily at a comfortable, clean and warm place. We will improve the hostel further by reflecting our guests’ comments. Please feel free to let us know your opinions and comments. I deeply hope our guests have safe trips.



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